Right Sector’s Borislav Bereza Visits San Francisco

Saturday night, the 30th, an event was held in downtown San Francisco where people were invited to discuss the Ukrainian fascist group “Right Sector” with it’s very own press secretary, Borislav Bereza.

The event was small, not more than 20 people in attendance, but it is nonetheless troubling that such a relatively high-ranking member of Right Sector could feel comfortable showing his face in this city. The event itself was entirely in Russian with no translation available, so very little information was gleaned from it, however we find some consolation in their self-marginalization via language barriers.

This emergence of Right Sector in the United States is unfortunately not the first. So far this summer, Right Sector has hosted meet ups in multiple cities on the east coast (local antifas can email us for more info, if we haven’t contacted you already) and even held a demonstration in New York City.

Due to the short notice we had of the event being held, we were not prepared to fully disrupt it, however it was infiltrated and a comrade managed to briefly interrupted them before leaving.

Next time, they will think twice before organizing publicly or at all.

View photos of Borislav speaking in San Francisco here.