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Antifa Confronts Death In June Concert in San Francisco

Originally published on Indybay

Because the previously posted communique was inaccurate, multiple comrades at the action have decided to write their own, as follows:

A small group all dressed in black marched toward the Mezzanine, chanting anti-fascist slogans, as perhaps a hundred people waited in line for Death in June. Some small scuffles broke out between anti-fascists and fascists in line, with nazi tattoos and clothes. Security came out to escort the anti-fascists away from the venue, and a confrontation broke out, and barricades and other things lying around were tossed at the building and in the street. Security tried grabbing some of them, but all made it away safely. One security guard, who appeared to be with the band, pulled out a taser and threatened the group.

After, some anti-fascists circled the area and approached people attending the show, to discourage them from supporting the fascist band. Around two hours later, another small group marched towards the venue, this time from the back alley to the smoking section. By now, the police had showed up to defend the venue, and formed a line between the venue and the anti-fascists. Security forced people back inside the building and closed off access to the smoking section (at least temporarily.) The march retreated before the police kettled them, as the area was flooded with cops.

While our offensive was mild and failed to completely shut down the show, we believe we were successful for the such a hastily organized action, and a good first action that we hope to follow up. Shout out to those who went inside and demolished the venue’s bathrooms- per the Antifascist Toilet Smashers communique.

– bay area antifascists